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Go Goats!

Just a little over two years ago neighbors helped clear bamboo and eradicate ivy from trees in my backyard. The work of these women warriors (Penny, Elizabeth, Corky, Alicia and Gloria) opened up the space and returned the yard to me. It was clear that a lot of effort lay ahead in order to maintain the yard. Privet, awful Elaeagnus shrubs and a layer of ivy still prevailed. I tried my hand at cutting it down and dragging it to the curb. The vegetation won that round.

I decided to go another route and called Mike Swanson at Get Your Goat Rentals. He assured me that my yard would not be a challenge for the goats. In fact my yard was a goat buffet. The Get Your Goat Rental crew installed electric fencing and brought a guardian dog named Bella along with thirty-two goats. The goats ate vegetation for three days and two nights. I could not believe the result.

This year the yard was growing over again, but not nearly as bad as before. I employed Get Your Goat Rental again after two years, to bring the goats. Once again, I’m very happy!

I prefer this method because I don’t have to use loud gas machines or toxic chemicals to clear my yard. Right now, I’m not landscaping, but I want to maintain the yard space. If you have a big overgrown yard, you may want to consider this method.

Take a look at the videos and see how the work progressed each day. The goats left my house and headed to their next job at the World Congress Center.







Goat Gallery


Find out more about using goats to clear land:

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