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Adams Park Ecology Urban Style

Ecology - the relationships between a group of living things and their environment

Adams Park Ecology - the relationship between residents of Adams Park and their neighborhood environment

Urban Style - a way of doing something as it pertains to a city

Adams Park Ecology Urban Style is a project that began with conversations between Corky Claire and myself. Corky works to educate the public about how damage English Ivy can destroy tree. I produced an instruction video for the Adams Park Foundation to teach how to remove ivy from trees.

My entree into the green movement was through the food movement. For several years, I managed SWOOM farmers market. Involvement with farmers and growing vegetables in a community plot, led me to a deeper understanding and concern for the environment.

Our conversation led to the question, what is the ecology of the Adams Park neighborhood? Further discussion led to the development of the project Adams Park Ecology Urban Style. Initiatives under the project are Pollination, Green Space, Trees and Storm Water. As residents become involved, together we will be able to define the Adams Park’s ecology. The question will be answered through action.

Focus Areas


According to the Xerces Society, pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food eaten each day. Conserving pollinators is an issue that can be addressed on local levels. Members of Adams Park residence Association is working as an organization to create viable habitats for pollinator wildlife. This year we have begun an action to register 100 pollination gardens with Million Pollinator Garden Challenge .


In 2018 Ecology Urban Style will educate the community about invasive plants. The goal is to support residents in an effort to remove ivy from one hundred trees in Adams Park.

Green Space

Adams Park Ecology Urban Style recognizes conventional green spaces. The green space model will focus on uninterrupted corridors of green behind residences, access areas for

Georgia Power, empty lots and yard space as green space.

Storm Water

The goal is for residents to follow newer trends in landscaping to move storm water in natural ways.

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