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About APRA

The association has existed since the 1970's. Membership is open to all Adams Park residents and property owners. There are over 700 homes within Adams Park 3 square mile boundary.  



  APRA Calendar

Tuesday,  March 21, 2023 
Meeting - 6:30pm

Tuesday,  June 20, 2023 
Meeting - 6:30pm

Tuesday,  September 19, 2023
Meeting - 6:30pm

Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Meeting - 6:30pm

*Meeting info will be emailed prior to meeting date


Current APRA Officers  -  

Andre Burgin & Corliss Claire, Co-Chairs

Yolanda Johnson, Treasurer

Jane Berry,  Secretary    

Yearly Membership Dues  




$30 per person - Senior discount 20%  (60 yrs. and up)  

   First time joining? Contact us at:


Bylaws  @ Members Page

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