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Discover Pollination Plants in your Garden

Adams Park resident, Beverly Green, noted that the Lantana blooming in her yard every season attracts pollinators. Her garden will be registered. Look at her pictures and see if you can spot the butterfly.

Before you run out and buy plants, take a discovery tour around your yard for plants that attract pollinators. I have a bed of zinnias and butterflies delight in them every year. Cosmos pop up each year in my mailbox garden. Bees love the Cosmos. Without doing anything other than observe, I can register my “pollination” garden. Of course you should know that I’m planting more. Take a look at the pollinator action on the cone flowers I planted from seed last year.

Beverly Green's garden along with my garden makes 2 gardens for the 100 Adams Park Pollination Garden goal. 98 more to go! Take a look in your yard, contact me. I will photograph and register your garden.

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